Saturday, April 02, 2011

Day 13: Crabby

BMI: 22.7

Yes, it crept up yesterday. Freakin' fibre. No more fibre for me! Besides, I had a poo today. Didn't change my weight though. I was convinced I'd drop a couple of pounds after the momentous event.

I tried eating crab today, "tried" being the operative word. I optimistically bought 12 (yes, a full dozen) cans of it at costco, thinking I would eat it for lunch every other day and imagining the yummy crab I usually get in my sushi rolls.

I've never actually bought canned crab before and eating it was a horrible, traumatic experience. I will be scarred for life. THIS crab was nothing like the sushi crab. It wasn't very sweet tasting, it was too fishy and had a bitter after-taste. I tried adding some stevia. Not much better. Salt and pepper? Now it was salty and bitter. In desperation I dumped some Frank's into it, and ate a few bites. I kept gagging on it and it didn't help that I had raw cabbage for my vegetable. I thought I was going to lose my lunch - almost had me running for the toilet. Ugh.

Ended up I tossed the whole thing out and made some cooked cabbage and dry-fried chicken. MUCH better, I managed to eat it all. I may gain weight AGAIN tomorrow because I didn't monitor how much I ate before I added the 100 gm of chicken. Groan. It couldn't have been more than two teaspoons, I could barely bring myself to eat the stuff.

Anyone want 11 cans of crab meat?


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