Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 17: In Orbit

BMI: 22.2

Yesterday was a wierd day. I kept losing track of what I was eating. And considering I'm hardly eating anything, that was quite an accomplishment. I lost 1/2 an apple in the morning, to the extent of driving back to the house to see whether I'd left it on the counter (I didn't - it was already eaten). Half an apple is serious business when it's all I get between waking up and 10am, when I can have one, or two if I must, melba toast.

And then I lost a melba toast. That was even harder, because the melbas are usually lounging in the box under my desk, blowing me kisses and ogling me. I love my melbas. I sniff them, nibble them, melt them in my mouth. They're as good as .... I was going to say chocolate but that would be a blatant lie. They are however, sweet, crispy and a fabulous treat all round. So forgetting whether I'd eaten one was a surprise. I must have just inhaled it or been somehow and most unbelievably distracted while eating it.

On top of that, I went through a 'plateau' for a couple of days where the weight loss just stops and camps out at whatever number. It's quite nerve wracking. I immediately sent a panicked note to the PD only to be told it's perfectly normal, particularly for women. Men get to romp through the diet without plateaux. Plateaux? Plateaus? Okay now they're both looking wierd. I'll go with the x.

On top of THAT, I had THREE activities booked yesterday - trainer in the morning, kung fu AND swimming at night. Sheer idiocy, considering my energy levels have been decreasing. Sure enough, I barely made it through 1/2 the training session (cancelled the rest of the week). Kung fu was a total embarrassment since my teacher decided to do a 'review' which is synonymous with seeing whether you're ready for the next level. I bumbled through it somehow and staggered to the pool, to be faced with an alarmingly chirpy instructor "okay folks let's do flutter kicks tonight!" I lasted about 15 minutes out of the hour class and went home to fall into bed. (At about this point I can hear the PD giving me THE LOOK - "Does it SAY to exercise while on the diet? That's right, NO. It doesn't. WTF are you doing?!")

At least despite all that mayhem my weight is down another pound this morning.


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I am glad to see you have overcome the plateau to find the food just jumping into your body voluntarily like that, sort of like salmon spawning. Ok, that is a very odd analogy. lol

10:03 a.m.  

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