Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 19: Apple Day

BMI: 22.3

I have officially hit a plateau: my weight hasn't decreased for SIX days. Ugh. I had a little blip of reduction but I'm back up to the original.

According to Dr Simeon a plateau means my body is adjusting all the tissue and whatnot that is left behind when my fat disappeared - the other stuff has to be carted away, incinerated, whatever. They call it "sculpting" because apparently you keep losing inches during this phase even though you're not losing weight.

So I'm on an apple day, which is all about apples. Six large apples to eat when and where I please over 24 hours. No water unless extremely thirsty. It will provide a jump start to the weight loss again - mostly for my personal satisfaction since I'll only be losing water, but at least I'll feel motivated again. Tomorrow morning, back on the 500 cal diet.

Speaking of the diet, I'm kind of getting used to the food. Barring any further association with asparagus, (I overdosed on it in the first week) I think I am quite happy with my options. I haven't had to give up any meat - I don't eat pork or lamb anyway and I can still have lean beef. I only really miss bacon but that will be back on the list immediately once I'm done.

I did flirt with salmonella poisoning the other day - it may actually have been the same day I was misplacing food. I cut up some chicken, grilled it, and then chopped it into little pieces using the same knife. I realized I'd used the same knife, but ate the chicken anyway. I could have re-grilled it for a couple of seconds or nuked it, but I think my brain just stopped working and I ate it. Luckily I didn't catch anything.

The big news today is, (no surprise), I've been exercising too much. I've been sternly ordered to cease and desist because I don't have enough calories to support it - another reason I'm not losing weight, my poor body has been trying to conserve all the energy it can to meet my exercise demands.

so I'm putting off training and swimming, and will only do Kung Fu 2x week.


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