Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day 20: I need a Tshirt

BMI: 22.0

I (barely) survived apple day yesterday! I managed to choke down 4 1/2 apples out of a possible 6 I could have eaten over the course of the day, but it was tough going. I expect eating anything exclusively like that is difficult. I can't believe some dieters enjoy having apple days. Then again some dieters do this diet for 40 days at a time. I'm down to my last week and I'm almost counting the minutes. A friend asked me "what's the first thing you're going to eat when you're done?" and I must confess I haven't thought of anything specific though it will more than likely be a fried egg for breakfast on the first day of stage 3.

I was booked for a pizza dinner (sans pizza of course for yours truly) at a friend's place last night. So there I was, chock full of apples, driving along with TWO pizzas on the seat beside me. They smelled REALLY good. sigh. I had a spare apple or two tucked into my purse in case I was tempted, but I managed to soldier through without even a nibble.

And then TODAY we went to the dreaded fundraising dinner that has a stunningly delicious indian food buffet every year. I ate my dinner beforehand, and brought along a half fruit in case I got the nibbles. I have to say, the evening was a success - I sat through everyone else eating with only one temptation: the bhajias, which are little fried balls of onions dipped  in gram flour.

Three more injection days to go. I don't have a hope of hitting a BMI of 20, which was my original goal. On Tuesday I have to decide whether to extend the diet for another week and try to achieve my goal, or whether to stop where I am...


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