Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 23: Time Warp

How did it become Day 23? My last entry was THREE days ago!

Anyway, the weekend was fairly uneventful - no ambushes by pizzas, strudels or chocolate bars- though there was a stolen moment with an ice cream scoop - or rather with the ice cream ON the scoop - that I'll keep to myself. Suffice it to say, I still lost a 1/2 pound the following morning so we can turn our eyes the other way about my little indiscretion.

So, update: I'm LOVING my new and improved tummy. I can actually see my muscles, and hallelujah there ARE muscles there after all the work I've been doing! My pants are starting to fall off. My arms are looking toned, and I only have one small roll of fat left on my belly.

Overall I'm thrilled. Technically this was supposed to be my last day, but since I plateaued for almost the whole of last week, I'm extending the treatment till Sunday. I would REALLY like to get to 115 pounds, I'm at 120 this morning. So actually I probably WON'T get to 115 but a couple pounds less fat wouldn't hurt, and will give me a little grace room in case I "celebrate" my success too quickly.

I find myself wanting to stock-pile food. I bought THREE boxes of Girl Guide cookies. I got a ten-for-ten coupon at co-op for Eatmore bars, which I'm going to buy and freeze, and consume them in quarters after I'm done. I mentally have a little list of yummies that I'm going to wade through gradually: I can start with fatty food so I'll definitely do bacon one day. yum. Omelette with CHEESE and jalapenos. mmmm. Oh and other veggies and fruit: Carrots. Bananas. PAPAYA. mmmm.
Then I'll move into carbs: brown rice and dahl... popcorn. Home-made BREAD. mmmm.

Thinking about it is almost as good as actually eating it. I KNOW you're all thinking "she's gonna kiss that flat belly good-bye if she eats all that" but I have a PLAN. Really.

Plus, there's NO WAY I'll ever have the determination to do this diet again so I pretty much have to practice some restraint. And as you know I'm not a big eater. My idea of gorging is eating the whole Eatmore bar in one go.


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