Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 25: ANOTHER Plateau!!!!!!

Oh. My. GOD! I've been stuck at 120 lbs for SIX days, waffling around a half pound up or down. I could just SCREEEEEEM!!!!

I do have more trust in my body now - I know I'm still living off my fat even if my weight isn't moving - but it's so hard not to see the visible evidence. Aaaaaargh!!!

On the bright side, I am getting a few compliments on my looks - and a few puzzled looks, like "did she just get her hair done? or what? something's different"

One week to go. Four days of injections, three days phasing off. I'm into bargaining now. "okay if I can drop another THREE pounds? No? Okay, TWO pounds. TWO? No? okay, ONE?


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