Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 31: Final measurements

BMI: 20.9

Here's my final report.

Weight Lost: 15 lbs

Inches lost
Neck:   1
Chest:   3
Belly:    4
Hips:    2
Thigh:   2
Arm:    1

Overall I'm ecstatic. I'm now doing No Sugar, No Carbs for three weeks. Except for the sugar-free salt-water taffy I just ate. It's the Nut Man's fault.

I still have to weigh myself religiously every morning, and if I stray more than 2 pounds from my final weight (118), I have to do a "steak day". That means I don't eat all day, and then eat a monster steak and a large apple for dinner. Wierd but apparently it works.

Final comment: I will NEVER do this diet again. It's immensely effective but I will never have the determination to follow through on another month of this regimen. I think I'd rather do a South Beach diet, it takes longer but is MUCH less painful.


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